Baled Out

It should have been easy. Take the dog for a walk. Bring the dog in the barn to get fed. Easy. Not so with me. Here’s the scenario…Bowzer’s dining and sleeping area is a nice nest of straw. When it is freshened up, it is comfy. When it is flat, not so comfy.

Bowzer's nest

So after my Bowzer-walk, we took him in to the barn so he could get in position and have his food brought out to him at his nest. (He’s very particular about this arrangement) I remarked that his straw was looking a little flat. So Pete decided to go up to the hay loft and throw down a bale of straw. Great! Well, the opening that he would throw down the bale happens to be right above Bowzer’s nest of straw. So I figured the prudent thing to do would be to get out of the way. So I meandered down towards the other end of the barn to peek in on one of the calf pens. Just as I was about to crane my neck to look in the calf pen, I got whomped on the head by a bale of straw. Turns out…there is another opening for tossing straw down from the loft, and I happened to be standing right under it. So glad I didn’t ask him to toss down a pitchfork instead.


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