A Bobbsey Twin Sighting

I put off taking a shower this morning so that I could do some painting in the Milkhouse and some plastering to a room in the house. For this I put on my “work clothes”. The rattiest of the ratty. Once I got done with the painting and plastering, I thought I’d better go out and water my melting plants before cleaning up. So while I was hauling a bucket of water out to quench my sad plants’ thirst, Pete pulled up in his tractor, hopped down, walked over, and remarked that we look like the Bobbsey Twins today. And you know what? We did. We both had on faded Levi’s with holes at the knees, white tee shirts and the same kind of work boots. We had gotten our work boots at the same time and place not too long ago. Only difference is that his are a size larger than mine. That, and his are worse for wear already…

well worn work boots

…because someone walks in manure and crud more than someone else I know.


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