Table Talk

There is a table in the kitchen that has a story to tell. This story was written by Uncle Dick as told to him by this table: After fifty years of cold, snow, heat, rain, rot and manure, Peter dug me up out of the ground and discarded me. I was to be replaced with a new and bigger one. You see, I am a 6’x6′ white oak fence post. Me and my pals were loaded up and hauled away to Janesville by Dick S. We got treated badly there. He cut us in half and pulled out our nails. We got hammered on, sawed, split and put on this machine to make us round and pretty. He sanded us smooth, put on stain, sealed our pores and then put a nice, new, shiny coat on us. Then he went back to the barn again and hauled more boards from Peter’s woods and joined us all together, making sides, front and back. The woods furnished many more boards that were glued together in different sizes creating a nice, large top for us. He put this large top on us, polished it up pretty with a drawer in our front side. We are now very proud and happy for after all these years of guarding the cows in the cold, we can now serve Peter in a different way, as his kitchen table.

Kitchen Table


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