A Line of Thought

Since moving to a home with a yard (after living in a standard 1-bedroom box apartment sans patio, yard, washer/dryer for many years) I am realizing that I’ve become a little obsessed with the laundry line out back. My mom will probably wonder why I wasn’t so obsessed with the laundry line when I was a kid who did not like to “take down” the laundry. I guess back then I took it for granted. And when I say it, do I mean the laundry line or my mom? Probably both, and I had too much playing to do anyway. What a selfish, little piece of work I was! Now I gaze upon the laundry line in wonder and adulation. I love to see it in the morning when the sun just breaks over the horizon, or when it gets windy and it makes the wash do crazy somersaults across the yard. And I’m sure there will be the day when I have to chase blowing articles of clothing across the cornfield. It almost happened today with the bed sheets. Like little billowing ghosts, they loosened themselves and caught the wind heading east before I caught up with them.

Morning laundry line

laundry line with flowers

Of course I can’t use a laundry line like that without using clothespins like this:

wooden clothespins

I was recently sent a photo taken in the year 1960. This is my mom with her laundry line when my parents lived in New Hampshire, my dad had built it using pine trees from an empty lot. I have to say upon looking at that photo that I have Laundry Line Envy. It looks sturdy, blends in with the landscape and it won’t rust. Also it’s a heck of a lot of line, and they hadn’t even gotten around to having all four of us kids yet!


2 thoughts on “A Line of Thought

  1. I love this blog! It brings back many memories of wash days, especially frozen sheets and diapers on the line.
    At least i didn’t have to go chasing after my laundry.

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