The Big “Uh-Oh”

There is the uh-oh one may say to him or herself, and then there is the big UH-OH meant to be heard by all nearby thus requiring a leap into action. I got the big UH-OH yesterday. I was upstairs in my little workspace minding my own business. I could hear Pete doing whatever it was that Pete was doing downstairs. After a while, I heard him let out a big UH-OH. There was no mistake that this was meant to be communicated from the first floor where he was to the second floor where I was.  Naturally, being Action-Girl, I jumped to my feet, ran to the stairwell and called down, “Sorry, too busy up here”. Ha, no. I didn’t say that. I did say, “What is it?” because I know a big UH-OH when I hear one. And I have to admire his quick-to-the-point, no-words-wasted reply, “Animal loose”. This happens from time to time, and I’m getting a little better at helping to get the stray animal back to where he belongs. In this case, one of the larger calves was wandering about the driveway munching on grass. Unauthorized grounds. Personally I don’t mind. I think it looked bucolic. But that’s not where he is supposed to be so we had to gently, kindly and convincingly coax him back to his brethren. The point of break-out was discovered and fixed, and the rebel calf was back with his herd. Whenever a calf or steer sees an opportunity and makes a run for it as happened yesterday, it makes me think of the song by Dana Lyons, Cows With Guns.* It’s a situation every farmer should fear; one smarty-pants steer or cow getting it into his or her head to rise up and fight. I can’t help but admire that individualist spirit in an animal. Run Cow Run.


*song by Dana Lyons, animation by Bjorn-Mange Stuestol


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