Enter Ye the Vestibule of Horrors

window in milkhouse vestibuleOkay, it’s not that bad. But it does feel a little creepy in its present state. Since I started in on repurposing the long-neglected milkhouse, I’ve ignored the vestibule that leads from the milkhouse to the barn. I wasn’t really intending to use it, and I wanted to focus on the milkhouse itself for the time being. But now things are on hold in the milkhouse until someone comes in to install the vinyl sheeting on the ceiling. I lack the expertise and tools one would need in order to perform that particular job. So naturally my wandering eye rests on the vestibule. I crave continuity. If I start in on the milkhouse, shouldn’t I just continue into the vestibule? What if I just start scraping the paint off the walls? What if I just paint the other side of the door Barn Red as it is on the milkhouse side of the door? New electrical wiring is already in place, therefore what if I find a funky little chandelier and hang that in there? What could say “welcome” better than that? I’d even let Pete keep his pitchfork and shovel inside, which is so very kind of me:

Vestibule entry

Pitchfork in vestibule

inside vestibule

So what do ya think Pete? Vestibule? Clean-up?


3 thoughts on “Enter Ye the Vestibule of Horrors

  1. now you gotta show the folks what is behind the vestibule … the haunted old stalls and school desks ….

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