Working Sketches, Working Thoughts

Despite the ceiling falling down on me chip by chip, I’ve finally had enough. I need to sketch in a place that I can get a little messy. So I commuted from house to Milkhouse with a few thoughts and my sketch pad. I just need a place to go, get messy, think and sketch…that sort of thing. Years ago I was more productive with regards to my drawing and printmaking. And I’ll say this in a whisper…”I even showed and sold my work in a few little galleries!” But life happens and I fell off the art wagon. I want back on, even just a little bit. But damn…it’s amazing how hard it is sometimes to sift through the stupid stuff that pops up in my mind and find the things that ring true to me. And I understand that it can be quite subjective. What might feel right or good to me while drawing, may pose questions and blank stares from others. I get that. I’ve had that blank stare myself when looking at White On White or some such painting. (and by the way, I made up that White On White title so I apologize to anyone who may perhaps have work by that name.) Funny thing is, over the years, my mind has opened up to viewing and appreciating a more diverse field of work. I remember that quake of thought happening at an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. I wish I could remember the exhibit and year, but the exhibit was set up in a way to help walk us through artwork that many would feel unapproachable or maybe even intimidating. That was years ago…and I still remember the gist of it if not the year. Here are a couple my working sketches from yesterday while dodging ceiling chips. They serve as a jump-off point for further work:A Walk In The Woods

A Ride In The Car

When sketching these, I always think in terms of intaglio, but currently lacking access to a press they may just have to be charcoal drawings, or I may venture into the paint medium which scares me a little…but I still want to see them as intaglio prints! Some day, some way.

8 thoughts on “Working Sketches, Working Thoughts

  1. Art is for people to make assumptions, and I think it is impossible to assure that everyone will understand it the way you want. But hey, ability to draw is such a gift! wonderful work.

  2. I have some friends that helped build the Press at Tandem in Madison… we could go there some time and talk to them?

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