Red on White with a little Green

If you come for a visit to the property here, you will find that the general color scheme is red and white, which is kind of standard for a farm I suppose. But it works for me since my favorite color is red. So of course the Milkhouse should follow suit. Since painting over the interior in white, it now has a nice, open feeling…to which I am adding the inevitable red accents. And today I found a vintage red-rimmed enamel bucket that I figure I could use either as a trash can or as a holding bin of some sort. It does not escape me that I might want to fill it with ice and chill a couple of wine bottles in it for the official Milkhouse Studio Opening. Or really, any party will do! This was no impulse buy…I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to buy one of those red-rimmed pieces for a while. And when I spied it on a lower shelf while roaming through the local antique mall, now seemed like a good time.

Red Rimmed enamel bucket

It seems to go well with an old kitchen stool that I bought a few weeks ago. I wanted some sort of old, metal stool for my work table but this turned out to be better than I hoped for. It seems my feet always like to be propped up on something when I draw, and this comes with the perfect steps for my prop-loving feet:

Red Kitchen Stool

And for anyone who wants to drop by for a visit, I’ve got a couple of these red folding chairs that I’ve had in storage for years. Now they can unfold themselves for your leisure:

folding red chair

But before you think that things are looking a little too red and white in my studio, fear not…a 4-legged dash of green graced my work table yesterday:

Little Green Frog

It seems Little Green Frog wanted to see how he measured up. So I let him stay.

One thought on “Red on White with a little Green

  1. Your dynamic site is too much fun. After living in Chicago I think you have a fresh eye on what others might take for granted. Did you know that in Japan there are shops that specialize in products by color? Which means you could hang out at the Red Store. Press on…great work.

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