this is no How-To-DIY post…

Or, the three stooges install a ceiling. The plan was to have a professional, that is to say someone familiar with this vinyl material, come in to install it on the ceiling of the Milkhouse. Since it became apparent that no one was forthcoming, we decided to go ahead and do it ourselves: myself (absolutely no experience in this endeavor), Pete (comes loaded with integrity, grit and determination) and our neighbor Rick (seems to be along for the ride, and has a great sense of humor) We started at 10:30am…stood around, did some initial problem solving, and realized that marking a white ceiling surface with a purple marker probably wasn’t a good idea. One of our initial successes was removing an unused light socket that seemed to be held fast to the original ceiling. Fortunately, Rick had the presence of mind to ask if it was still connected. It was not. So Rick, in a moment of brilliance, decides to pry the socket off, after which the wires were left dangling from the ceiling. So Pete goes to get wire cutters. While Pete is busy doing that, Rick starts tugging on the wires and they start coming out of the ceiling, and coming, and coming until I’m expecting colorful handkerchiefs tied end-to-end to follow. The last of the wire pops out. and I wait for Rick to pull a rabbit out of a hat. (It just seemed like a logical follow-up to his never-ending wire trick.)

Socket out

Now we could get on with the measuring and cutting of the vinyl. Not my strong point, so I managed to find other things to do. But I did observe and offer encouragement (this is called the duck and hide method, wherein one can observe from a hidden vantage point, and silently encourage):

cutting vinyl panels

And before we knew it, it was time to go to the free brat fest/grand opening of a local agricultural feed store for lunch. So we piled into the clown car. Which is really the “farm truck”. My first experience driving this farm truck required a bit of a learning curve. This truck has been through a lot and so it doesn’t always do what you may expect it to do, ie: opening the door to exit. My first time driving it to one of the barns resulted in my having to crawl out of the driver’s side window to exit. Today, poor Rick couldn’t get out of the back passenger door whenever we stopped somewhere. We would stand there and wait for that door to open and for Rick to emerge, only to be met by a silent, unmoving door. At each stop, a rescue would be initiated, completed, and we’d move on to the next stop and repeat procedure. Brat lunch and errands over, we returned to the ceiling project, slapped up a few more panels and called it a day. (the calves had to be fed.) Later Pete and I did return to the ceiling project to attempt to fix up the quirky appearance wrought by our inexperience. This did involve some white duct tape. And this is why I don’t recommend this as a DIY post. But you have to try something once to get some experience in it, and if you can throw in a clown car, even better.


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