The ceiling like a phoenix rises

Which is a pretty lofty statement to make for a couple of neophytes putting up a milkhouse ceiling for the first time. Yes, we could have gone the professional route, but it wouldn’t have been as much “fun” or as satisfying if we couldn’t make the mistakes all by ourselves. And it is a vast improvement from what was there before:

original milkhouse ceiling

The degree and consistency of peeling paint on the original ceiling was enough to make my skin crawl. On the other hand, it was pretty interesting to look at…while wearing a Hazmat suit. But will you look at that cool piping with the patina as it snakes its way through all that chipped paint? Pete had to cut that pipe out to make way for the new ceiling. It was a good move as it was hard enough to maneuver the vinyl panels without pipe obstacles in our way. So yes, there are some ripples, and some screws are not where they should be, but all in all, it’s done and I’m pretty sure the ceiling won’t fall down on me:


And that cool pipe with the patina that Pete cut down? Well, I found it in the barn so I covertly brought it back in to the studio where I managed to work it in with the other pipes, adding to the geometric effect they have on the wall:

patina piping

And then I added a couple of close friends within the geometric framework of the pipes. (By now you’re probably thinking, “Man, this chick needs some real people friends”. But no, I’m good. I’m appropriately socialized.)

patina and prints

In fact, if you were here tonight, I’d have you join me for that first glass of wine in the studio, here’s to a new ceiling in place! (Thanks Pete, Rick and Del!!)

studio wine

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