Little Seven Grows Up

Back in April 2011, a new calf arrived on the farm:

New Calf Seven

All of the cattle on the farm are Holsteins, and for the most part are black and white. There might be one or two reds thrown in there for good measure and I always like to see a red cow (in this case steer). Of course as a kid, I thought these were brown cows, source of chocolate milk. I still like to think that by the way. It just elevates the red cow or steer to a higher status in my point of view. So along comes this calf, and not only is he red, but he has a nice serif 7 emblazoned on him. So being the original thinker that I am, I started calling him “Seven”, and decided that I would keep an eye on him as he grew up. There’s that fondness for a redhead thing again.

So Seven grew a little bigger and got his tag. Which reads “8”:

Seven tagged eight

Which seems a little silly as his calf buddy got tagged “7”:

Seven Calf and Eight Calf

I may not be the best proof reader but…Farmer Pete, looks like you got your numbers mixed up. Oh well, too late, I still call him Seven. And we still gaze at each other over the fence while I dream of chocolate milk and he dreams of escape. Meanwhile, he grows. Little Seven is now a steer:

Seven the Red Steer

Grow big and strong Seven…and then run for the hills, eat the clover, and jump over some moons. I’ll leave the gate open.


4 thoughts on “Little Seven Grows Up

  1. I love your happy stories and girlie point-of-view. It makes me feel happy and skews my thinking in a creative way.

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