Signs of Moon Light

While living in Chicago, I missed out on any significant astronomical events. I couldn’t catch a glimpse of the sky between buildings very well. And when I could, the lights washed away a large percentage of the view. So I’m pleased and astonished to be able to see a star-filled sky while sitting on the porch. Maybe that’s a given for some, but my eyes can’t get big enough to take it all in. And tomorrow is a full moon!! I can hardly wait for that. So I bought a bunch of little full moons to illuminate the Milkhouse. I didn’t really intend it to be that way, but it just seems fitting now that I’ve gone ahead and done it:

String lights in a calf bucket

So I had a little fun figuring out where to put these lights given the location of outlets and that I limited myself to just a few sets. The entryway seemed kind of important, so I hit and lit that first:

string lights on entryway

And near the entryway is an old vent built into the wall. I’ve elected to keep the vent in an effort to retain some of the character of the Milkhouse but it has sat there empty and alone. Not anymore. Now it is filled with light, little bits of moon in the studio.

string light in vent

I might have to start sleeping in there.

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