The Haunted Doll

There is this doll…it was passed down to me from my mom. I think it was my grandmother’s doll. It is made of some sort of plaster or porcelain material. It is not like any doll you see today but rather like what you would imagine a baby doll should be. Her delicate features endear you to her. Handle her with much care or she will break. Time has taken a toll on her though, a crack has developed in her head and her striped dress is faded.

And then I have to come along and take her to a whole other level. Creepy-Doll-Head level. Sorry mom. You know how I like to scare myself. I tend to mess around with xerox transfer prints, mostly on canvas and if possible, copper plates. So after having taken some photos of this doll for another project, I decided to see how she would look as a xerox transfer on canvas.

xerox transfer doll in wall

As it turns out, it gives her that aged and slightly haunted aspect to which I seem to gravitate. The print has been sitting in a box for a few months now and I only recently pulled it out and wondered what to do with it. So I took it into the milkhouse and on a whim, gently pushed it into a hole that exists in the wall between the studio and the vestibule. And there it stays. As for the real doll, it is safely tucked-in upstairs in the guest room. As far as I know, her eyes do not follow you across the room on her own accord. But then again, I don’t spend considerable time up there…

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