hey man, don’t tassel me!

We haven’t had rain since the last week of May, while at the same time experiencing very high temperatures. This can make for some very grouchy people, and some urban areas are seeing an increase in violence which experts say can relate back to the miserable temperatures we’re having. I’m not a sociology expert but it always seemed like there was an increase in violence during the hot months while I lived in Chicago, so I kind of put one and one together and figured that out myself. But here on the farm there is another kind of problem…corn stress. And again, here’s another area I’m no expert in, but I hear people talking about corn and the weather and therefore, I worry. And that IS one thing that I’m an expert in, the skill of worry. Just put a bad kernel of thought in my brain and it will grow. (I really did not mean to make that pun, but I’ll leave it in there anyway bad as it is.) One day Pete mentioned to me that corn can tassel too early. Oh great, there’s that kernel of worry ready to take shape. If corn tassels too soon, all its energy may be spent before it matures and is able to produce a proper ear of corn. Oh. And so, I’ve been looking out over the fields every day, muttering to myself “don’t tassel yet, don’t tassel yet, are you tasseling yet? Don’t tassel yet”. I wish I could do more than mutter. Sometimes I feel like I should hold my breath until we do get rain as if that would prevent the corn from tasseling too soon. As it is, I just stare at it, willing it to be okay.


The weather isn’t forecasting rain for another two weeks. That’s a long time to hold my breath and stare.

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