Into The Night…

In the near future I’ll be adding a portfolio page of my past drawings and prints on this blog. I don’t want anybody to hold their breath, but it will happen. I had someone scan numerous slides of my work. After I get done working my way through them, I shall post that new page.

After all the images had been scanned, my father made an interesting remark. He said that of all of them, he liked the one where there is a figure flying horizontally through the night sky. He thought it different from my other work in that regard. But I think he may have liked it on another level that even he did not realize. I don’t believe I’ve ever shown it to him. And I know I never told him of its meaning. But knowing my father, he must have picked up on it in some strange, parental way. Because this drawing is about my sister:

She Passed IntoThe Night, charcoal drawing 13.5"hx22"w

My sister Theresa lived on the west coast, my parents on the east coast. Late one night in 2001, Theresa passed away. Quite young and quite unexpectedly. As you can imagine, it was a shock to all those who knew her. For a while afterwards, we talked about her and the events leading up to her passing in order to try to grasp or come to terms with her sudden absence. At one point my mom related what she experienced that night. My mom knew that Theresa was ill, and that the situation was touch and go, but we all really thought there was still a chance that Theresa would pull through. But at some point that night back on the east coast, my mom woke up and knew right away that her daughter had passed on. I really can’t explain it precisely the way my mom may have felt it, but I believe my mother knew that her daughter came to say goodbye that night. When my mom told me that story, an image of my sister flying through the night from the west coast to the east coast to let my mom know that she was going came to my mind. That’s love on a whole different level. Our parents bring us into this world, and if we’re lucky, we have that everlasting, invisible bind that death cannot destroy. This drawing now resides with a good friend of mine in Chicago. And Theresa resides in our hearts, air, water, sky, and stars…or wherever it is that souls energetic go to light up the atmosphere. The beat goes on.


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