Found Objects

While we sit and watch the corn fields burn to a crisp here in Southern Wisconsin I’d like to divert your attention (and mine) to some found objects. Poking around the place has revealed a few interesting finds. Recently, we talked about possibly replacing the lighting currently in the kitchen. Okay, let’s go shopping. So off we trotted across the dry, brittle desert of the lawn and in to the garage. Sitting way up on top of some old cabinetry in that garage was an old barn light apparently original to the property. Rusted and old but in otherwise good shape, we managed to clean it up. Most of these lights were originally painted green, but this one looks like it had been grey. We elected to keep it “rusted”, and found a good copper tube through which to run the wiring. We were able to reuse the wiring that existed in the kitchen and ran it through the copper pipe to finish the barn light project:

Original Barn Light

A while back, when I started clearing out the milkhouse, I came across this old syringe in the adjoining barn. Its size and material gives it a bit of a creepy feel. I think this dates back to the 60’s. I’m not sure of its exact use, but since this was once a dairy farm, it was used on cows in some manner. I’ve kept it in the milkhouse studio as a nod to the original purpose of the property:

metal syringe

We keep running across pulleys. One actually hangs in my milkhouse studio as a part of a mechanism to keep one of the doors shut. But here are three other beauties that were found out and about. This is before I cleaned them up. One of them still has a little red blush on its metal part from its original paint. I don’t think I dare paint them. I’d rather leave them as is. We’re still cooking up a scheme in which to utilize them. I’m thinking of somehow using one or two to hang a plank board for a suspended shelf:

three old farm pulleys

Groping around in a loft above the work shed, we came across this little cutie. This tiny folding table has a wooden tab that locks it in place. I have since given it a little makeover so that it is red but still worn-looking. It now sits in my studio waiting for company:

folding wooden table

At the same time while up in the loft, Pete picked up and handed me this weight. I love how it blossoms into a pear shape, and relish the mottled texture the rust has given it over time. I don’t even want to do anything more to it. I’ll just let it sit in the studio and be itself:

Pear shaped weight

And then there’s one more found-on-the-farm object…Bowzer. Oh just kidding Bowzer, you’re not really a found object. But he does have that mottled aspect to him, and that pear-shaped middle that I admire. And he does need a bit of cleaning up. Especially around the nose. And his paws could use a nice trim. And he is kind of old and a little dusty…but that’s okay, we found each other. Bowzer the barn dog


One thought on “Found Objects

  1. I just love these stories. They warm my heart and make me happy. I just love your (writing) voice, Micka, your mouth voice is nice too.

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