Garden of Faces

With very little preparation, we lit out for the north woods to spend three nights off the farm. Up we went to the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest where we spent one night in a cabin on a lake far away from high heat and drought, but surrounded by blood-loving mosquitoes, swarms of them in fact. Though I loved the isolation of our cabin stay, the next day/night in Bayfield was on the whole mosquito-free. And that was a welcome relief. While in Bayfield we wandered up a road to an inn tucked into a hillside overlooking the Apostle Islands. We were not staying in this particular inn but we wanted to poke around a bit. Turns out it was quite fun for me. Maybe not for Pete. But to his credit he did not complain. I’m not really sure what was exactly going on at this place, but it seems they are not only running an inn but a garden center disguised as an inn. Or something like that. The landscaping was beautifully kept, very lush with lots of hidden places in which to sneak. And if you get tired of sneaking around, you can go have a drink on the patio and stare at Lake Superior, or at your ipad if you still haven’t given that up for a day of sun. While wandering around though, I quite enjoyed the faces that kept popping up here and there. Some disembodied and some with bodies such as this satyr guy if that’s what he is, and if you ask me, looks like he’s hiding something. C’mon Satyr-guy, don’t be bashful, you’re in the garden of luuuve:

Garden Satyr at Bayfield WI

Well, I don’t know about that but there were lovely flowers with lots of weird faces, like this triple-faced guy. At first glance, just another face in the crowd. Upon further examination, there’s a couple other faces vying for attention on this masterpiece:

triple head guy Bayfield WI

And then things got a little noble with these guys. I wish I had a profile like theirs, except I’d require a whole head:

the stern men garden faces

And finally, one of my favorites, I can imagine it covered in ivy spilling over and down, all dewy and drippy green:

introspective face garden

I imagine it takes some time to create such a lush hideaway for a garden but I’m not big on patience. Perhaps now is the time to honor the virtue of patience and plant things that I may or may not see grow into their own full beauty. Meanwhile, we got almost two inches of rain on the farm when we were away up north. Maybe we should go away more often.


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