the rain cometh

Finally, we’ve been getting more rain. An inch fell just last night, heralded in by much thunder and a brilliant show of lightning. Has it come soon enough for the corn to pollinate? We don’t know yet. But I am relieved that there is moisture where there was once only dryness. For a while there, I felt like the property was going to simply give up and burst into flames. For me that was more of a worry than what the corn had in mind to do, but I sure hope the corn is feeling frisky and doing some pollinating:

cornhusk after rain

two corn husks after rain

It’s not just the corn that is being affected though. Last year we had some nice pears. I’m not so sure I’ll be making a pie out of pears this year. They are still small and the majority of them have a brown bottom. I could only find one or two that looked to be on their way to a healthy maturity. I may have to make up a recipe called “One Pear Pie”. And that one pear, the one pear that has to make it through, is right here. Don’t give up on me little pear:

pear on tree

But don’t be discouraged, we seem to have a bumper crop of thimbleberries. We’ve already picked through the deep purples, but there are still red berries promising to ripen very soon. I’ll say this about thimbleberries, much easier to pick and clean than the mulberries. (For a refresher course on that, see this)

ripening thimbleberries

Grapes. We have grapes. Not much. I had to struggle to find this little grouping. So sad. So lonely. Little grapes all by themselves:

lonely grapes on the vine

We have an apple tree, but again, I don’t think we can expect much of them this year. I’m not a big apple fan myself, and I’m not sure how much Pete uses the fruit of this tree’s efforts, but still…it’s sad to see not much happening here, in fact this one apple is looking a little wonky:

apple tree

But there is one thing that is growing well, and that would be a certain weed. Or maybe I shouldn’t call it a weed, but something native to the midwestern prairie. I don’t know exactly what this one is and though we have not encouraged its growth, it is quite prolific. At least it does have a pretty, purple bloom. And since our “lawn” isn’t exactly the standard manicured lawn I don’t mind the wild things growing. I’ll even stick them in a vase if they are appealing enough. Unfortunately, the vase life of this guy is only about 10 seconds before he goes from purple to white. So I’ll just leave it as is. Carry on purple weed:

purple weed flower


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