A birthday open studio

It so happened that Pete’s birthday was on Friday. So we decided to invite guests to come over both Friday and Saturday evenings to celebrate with Pete and to view the progress of the Milkhouse Studio. Fortunately, the weather complied and both evenings were quite pleasant, and the company even more so! Some of the  Hollyhocks that I had planted around the studio earlier in the season actually bloomed the day before. That was a nice and unexpected touch:

Milkhouse with hollyhocks

For a while now I’ve been itching to put some outdoor dining tables under the canopy of trees in the yard, and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. Meanwhile Pete found his own opportunity and pulled one of his farm trailers under the trees and turned it into the “chuck wagon”. This only shows the initial prep, but once everyone arrived there was hardly any room left on the surface of the trailer to fit a salt and pepper shaker:

outdoor dining space

Once guests were here, I really didn’t stop to take pictures. I kind of gave up on doing that what with so much activity going on. But I do hope that everyone enjoyed being here to usher in another year in the life of Pete, and to take a walk through the studio. The studio isn’t exactly set up to be a gallery, and with concrete walls I wasn’t about to blast holes in there to hang drawings so I had to use whatever was protruding from the walls to hang artwork, or simply let them lean against the walls which explains the odd format of display:

milkhouse studio display

And no, I wouldn’t normally advocate placing framed work on the floor but as this was only a two-night showing and both nights were dry, I made myself an exception. Now that I think about it, I should have put something in the Vestibule of Horrors, a nice mummy perhaps. Oh well, next time:

milkhouse indoor more drawings

Oh yeah! Someone is finally sitting down and doing some drawing in here, and it’s about time: (don’t tell Bowzer B. Dawg, but there are doggie treats in that bottom drawer)

milkhouse worktable

Remember those Hollyhocks? It seems one was curious enough to take a peek inside:

milkhouse peeking Hollyhock

It was a wonderful two evenings of guests, food and drink. I hope to do it again sometime. But now that the studio is officially open, I better get to work in there!

11 thoughts on “A birthday open studio

  1. What a special night…thanks for having us! We had a great time…. I felt like I was in an episode of Brothers and Sisters! loved the ambiance

  2. It looks like a very festive party! I love the chuck wagon, what fun. The hollyhocks are so pretty too. And your studio is just right. Lovely, Micka, happy summer.

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