Feed For Thought

Now that the milkhouse is pretty much where it’s at for the time being…I can’t help but let my eyes wander over to its humble neighbor, the feed room. It too has been sitting quiet and unused for many years. It is all cinder block walls topped with a sheet metal roof in a pleasantly oxidized state. When I had painted the exterior of the milkhouse, I just kept the momentum going and inched myself and the paint can over and gave the feed room a few coats of white. Fortunately, the door had already been painted red a few years ago:

feed room exterior

But that red door is at the moment, non-functional. Its askew posture and abundant weeds attest to its slumbering state. But there’s another entry through the barn:

feed room barn entry

which takes us into:

feed room inside

my nightmare; a den of spiders. Spiders, spider webs, spider eggs, spider parties. There is even webbing that extends from the inside of the door to the wall which appears to expand and contract with the opening and closing of the door. How very clever of our spider friends. But can you not see the possibilities that lie therein? Here are a few options for my farmer friend to consider:

1) Major clean-up project, followed by installing an intaglio press inside resulting in the Milkhouse Studio Annex. Hmmm, nice.

2) After horse stalls are installed in the barn (as per Pete’s original plan) use feed room as storage for all things horse, including feed. Practical.

3) After major clean-up and some structural repairs/alterations, create a unique guest quarter for the slightly adventurous. Interesting thought.

These are all random thoughts not sanctified in any way yet by Pete, but just fun to think about for the future. If any one else has any other ideas, let me know. I’d love to hear them. And if any one wants to come clear out spiders for me, please don’t let me stop you!

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