A dog and a tractor

A while back I had taken Bowzer B. Dawg for a walk along the tractor road. He likes those walks. It gives him a chance to sniff out any critters that are lurking about, and I like it because we both get some exercise. If I so much as face in the direction of that road, he’ll give me a hopeful look and start trotting off in that direction. So one day we set out. But just as we did, I came across one of Pete’s beloved possessions. His Allis-Chalmers tractor sitting snugly up against some trees off to the side of the road. That’s not a place I’ve seen it parked before so I thought I’d take a few photos of it. But that meant interrupting the Bowzer Walk which didn’t sit well with the dog. Bowzer knows when I lift that metal boxy thing (the camera) to my face, whatever is in front of me has my full attention. He wanted to make sure that I remembered that we were here to go for a WALK, and there was little time to pause in front of parked tractors. So he did what he had to do…angled himself into my photo where I would be sure to see him and remember that we were going for a WALK. Well, I got the message and I got the photo. Of dog and tractor. I realized later that here I had a photo of two of Pete’s favorite things, his dog and his Allis-Chalmers tractor. So I figured that I would desaturate it, and then bring back some of the green and red to give it a bit of an aged look, and then have it blown up to 20×16″ and give it to Pete for his birthday. I thought that later we could frame it using recycled barn wood:

bowzer and the tractor

Though Bowzer may look as if he is posing, I am quick to tell people that no, he walked into that photo uninvited. And though he may look all calm and patient in the photo, he was anything but. He was quite grumpy and eager to get back to the business of taking a walk and routing out critters. In fact, just before I took the above photo, I took one that shows how Bowzer really felt about the situation at hand:

grumpy bowzer with tractor

That is not a patient dog. That is a dog with a glowering look telling me to get a move on.


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