Parts of a Whole

Things are shaping up in the Milkhouse. I’ve added a display shelf to show drawings without having to place them on the floor against the wall as I had done previously. Since I’m reluctant to pound nails into the walls’ cinder block siding, I thought the shelf might be a good option at this time. I ended up buying 16 cinder blocks and painting them white, stacking them, and then topping them with a shelf that was cut to size. Once they were painted white, the cinder blocks took on a cool, modular look. Another good benefit to this approach is that I can re-stack them however I please.

display shelf

It should be noted that those cinder blocks are “extremely heavy”. Therefore, Pete and his skid steer came to my aid in transporting the blocks from the garage where I had painted them, to the studio where we set them up. Which explains why I had a skid steer parked in front of my studio for a while. (In fact it sat there for so long I had to slap him with a parking ticket, but since he paid for brunch today, I’ll waive the fine.)

skid steer parking

But that’s not all that’s going on in there…I’ve finally started another drawing. Here is a sneak peek at a couple of its details:

drawing detail 1

driving detail 2

I really like the sketchy feeling and rough texture that the charcoal gives to the surface of the paper. It’s at this point that the drawing has a looseness, becoming its impetuous first layer of many as I work on it and go back into it again and again until it has a more finished look. Maybe in the future I’ll do a drawing that actually retains that sketchy appearance and see how I feel about that.


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