A Walk-About

Way back (not really, but it sure feels like it) when I lived in Chicago, if I wanted to go for a walk, I had to shut and lock up my apartment door nice and tight, go down the elevator, push through three heavy, metal doors that I could barely heave open if the wind was kicking up, step out on a concrete platform and dart down the alley to the street. Not a serene start to a walk. Now, I can just step outside and I’m immediately surrounded by things of nature ie: trees, birds, flowers, yesterday’s surprise groundhog visitation, and of course, unimpeded sky. What a thing to behold, sky that I can see. It’s such a relief to be able to go take a walk outside without going through air-locks in order to get there. And once I’m out there, it’s not hard to find something of interest to see. For example, since when was there a walnut tree on the property? I didn’t know about that one till a few days ago when I saw some round, alien things growing on what I thought was “just another tree”:

Walnut tree

And then there is this silo, one of two silos no longer in use but still majestically holding its own:

silo against dark clouds

At the base of this silo is its vestibule with ivy gracing it in tender embrace:

Silo vestibule

The other silo on the property is distinguished by its swath of ivy that covers it from head to toe. Or top to bottom if you will. I was told that these were grape vines. It would be pretty terrific if they would bear fruit, then we could make some Silo Jam:

Vines on Silo

Despite the recent drought, I did manage to pick 7 good pears from one of the pear trees. Although one of them turned out to be a dud once I peeled it, I used 4 of them to make 2 loaves of pear bread, leaving me with 2 good pears left for eating, maybe with a little cheese on the side?!

Pear on Tree

Oh, and yesterday I was taken to a “secret pond” just down the road. I had no idea it was even there. I won’t say where it is, but it is quite hidden away which makes it a perfect place to take a walk. Maybe Bowzer will even come with me.


One thought on “A Walk-About

  1. Love your blog, Micka. I want to receive them too. Ilene forwarded a couple to me and they’re enchanting.
    Good for you, former city girl.

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