Studio Dog try-outs

Sometimes it gets a little quiet and lonely when I’m working in my studio. On the one hand that is a good thing, I can focus on my work. On the other hand, things can get a little creepy because I end up hearing all sorts of strange noises and imagine giant spiders and corn-fed Sasquatch coming up behind me. Major distraction that. So I thought it would be nice to have a studio dog that could hang out with me while I draw, sketch, ponder or nap. I put out the call for studio dogs. No major skills required. Just a bit of patience, a quiet aspect and friendly demeanor. So far I only got one submission, and that was from Bowzer B. Dawg. Currently Bowzer’s role as barn dog requires him to be available for active farm duty from sun-up to sun-down, but Pete thought it would be a good idea if Bowzer got some art and culture in his life. So I accepted his submission and today we had about an hour of studio time together for his first audition as Studio Dog. But one must understand that Bowzer is used to the active life, the life of a hunter, roamer, and general rabble-rouser. All the activities that can get him into trouble. For example, here we see some illicit garden-cabbage-sitting:

Bowzer CabbageButt

So Pete thought that if we put a gate in front of the open door of the studio, Bowzer would get used to staying put during studio time plus get some fresh air all the while being able to gaze across the bucolic farm-yard. For my part, I would provide a bowl of water and a chewy toy:

Bowzer Studio Gate

In theory it was a great idea; I would have the presence of the studio dog to keep me company, and he would stay out of trouble while absorbing a bit of art and culture. Instead, I got a dog that was intent on breaking out. And when he wasn’t trying to dig a tunnel out with a spoon fashioned out of a piece of barn wood, he would feign magnificent boredom, or throw the most morose glances over his shoulder at me:

Sad Bowzer

So Studio Dog Try-Out Part One didn’t work out very well. Oh wait, I did have one more submission that showed up unexpectedly, Brownie the Recluse Spider. And granted, he was big as a dog, but not a dog. Tragically, due to a misunderstanding during the interview process, Brownie ended up squashed under someone’s my foot. So that still leaves Bowzer as the sole candidate for Studio Dog. We’ll try again another time. Meanwhile, I found another studio mascot that will stay put and not give me sullen glances…Studio Cow; the small, metal toy version:

Little Metal Cow

We’ll give Bowzer a studio dog try-out another time even though I feel terrible about how bored he appeared. But as Pete said, “it’s not like he’s going to be drawing Picassos in the barn during his down time”.


4 thoughts on “Studio Dog try-outs

  1. That is one dam sweet dog! Lucky cabbage. You wouldn’t want to eat too much cabbage anyway. Best, Thomas


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