Just nosing around

While working in the studio today, I had cause to go into the adjoining barn. I’ll admit, it wasn’t much of a cause, more like a case of curiosity. And it was possible that I was mildly searching for something, but never mind that for now…instead I found myself picking my way over old barn boards, straw, crumbling bits of field stone, giant spider webs with giant spiders and other obscure objects that seemed to pull me in deeper and deeper, and if this were a horror movie I’d be yelling to the on-screen me character; “get out now you moron!“. But it was broad daylight, and since I didn’t hear any creepy music building to a scary crescendo I figured I was in the clear. But I do enjoy those moments of poking around, especially when the sun is hitting the west-facing side of the barn turning the ordinary into something a little extraordinary to me:

Lower Barn Window

There are places though where I know it would not be wise to go without proper clearance and a buddy system. There’s something about this scenario that just says; “outlook not so good” (I think that’s a Magic 8-Ball response, I need to reinvest in one of those):Door to Silo

On my circuit back around to where I started, I encountered an opening in the foundation that peeks out into the steer pen. It seems those steer are just as curious as I am, and very nose-worthy. I read once that they can pick up a scent from 6 miles away:

steer nose times two

I’m still looking into the moon-jumping attribute, but that might just be for dairy cows…


4 thoughts on “Just nosing around

  1. I am enjoying your journey through the farm and I love the photo of the two steers. However did you get them ot
    pose like that??

    • There is no posing of the steers! They can sniff me out. They knew I was in there and two of them fought each other to get their muzzles in that little opening to investigate further. I was really only hoping to get a shot of the one steer’s nose in there, but then the other guy butted in. And just for one second they were in sync.

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