Moon Jumper

Sometimes I’m called on to help with the various bull calf/steer duties. Usually this occurs at times inconvenient to my schedule. Poor me. Get over and on with it. It’s the least I can do to help out around here, though I wish I were better at it. But yesterday I provided a one-cent advisory while helping to feed some new bull calves that tip-toed in on their wobbly, spindle legs. One little guy seemed particularly rambunctious and I mentioned to Pete that this one looked like a jumper. By that I meant he was ready to leap out of his pen. I know it happens though I’ve never been around to actually witness that leap to freedom. And I really can’t figure out how they manage to do it without having a good running start. But this one had it written all over him, “I’m gonna jump when you’re not looking“. Point taken, farmer notified. So after the calves were fed, I left to get on with whatever I was doing. Later that day Pete told me that one of the calves jumped out twice. And yes, it was our little, rambunctious one. It makes me proud. The feisty, little guy is a moon-jumper in training. Now I know that historically it is only cows that jump over the moon, but steers can have their moon-jumping fun too or so I’d like to imagine.

A crisp, autumn night is perfect for moon-jump training so I encouraged all the new calves to give it a shot. Bowzer B. Dawg won’t stop them. In fact, I think he’d sit by and watch, because that’s pretty much what he does anyway. That being said, I have a new rough sketch in the works for my next drawing that pulls from that thought. Except as always, the drawing takes its course and the calf has its own agenda. In an effort not to give it all away at once, here are just a couple of details of the sketchy sketch:

Cow Sit Moon

Cow Dog Sit

Tonight is the first quarter moon, you may see some training jumps. But remember, the Full Harvest moon is September 29th, 11:19PM EST. Look to the sky in support of your local Moon-Jumpers, and leave the gate open.


One thought on “Moon Jumper

  1. I can’t wait to see the finished drawing..your”re such a talented gal. I will be out on the 29th thinking of your feisty steer and keeping an eye out for his miraculous leap! Xoxo AuntDeb

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