Primitive Guy

Perhaps haunted by the growing moon and the promise of some seasonal beer, we meandered into an unassuming shop in a small town in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. At first it was fun to kick around, poke about and look at all the 18th century colonial goods carefully displayed there. But after about 10 minutes of gazing, things got serious. And scary. This shop has some very nice goods there. But not only that, in light of the harvest moon rising, there are a few creepy things hiding in the crevices or on top of shelves just out of reach. That’s where I like to find my creepy.

But one has to define the ordinary creepy from the perfectly creepy. And that can be a very subjective thing. There is the standard and expected Autumnal decor…and then there is the “crawled-under-the-doorway-and-onto-a-shelf” decor. That’s cool. Those are the pieces that escape the ordinary radar and somehow get put on display because someone was wise enough to recognize the beauty in the oddness. That’s the piece that pokes you in the eyeball of your periphery vision. And that’s where and how I saw this guy:


Up on top of a shelf, staring out, he poked me in the eye. So I had to stop, drop and roll. And then I got up and looked at him closer. Then I had to reach up and touch him, take him off the shelf, shudder, fall in love and finally, place him back up on the shelf. Why do I like these things? Who made him? And why? At first I thought the black object on his head was a crow. But it could also be a hammerhead. Or who knows what else. All I really know is that I want him. And if I can’t have him, perhaps I will draw him. He would be a fine portrait. I just wish I knew more about him.


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