The mysterious Gray Ghost

…or Studio Dog Try-Out Part II

You may or may not recall that we had Studio Dog Try-Outs back in August. Bowzer was our strongest applicant though there were a few issues that had to be ironed out. After reviewing the feedback, we decided to throw in a few perks, one of those perks being a comfortable rest pad placed by the doorway so that he could lay down in comfort while keeping an eye on the farm-yard. That seemed to help and there were less disgruntled sighs and sad glances directed my way:

Bowzer Studio Bedding

However Bowzer has a little competition for the position in the form of one mysterious applicant who has recently materialized. Allow me to introduce the enigmatic Gray Ghost:

Gray Ghost Stalking

Her little, pointy-eared head has been popping up here and there for a little over a week now. Yet she remained elusive, appearing one moment and vanishing the next. She is not one of our barn cats. The barn cats live in a different barn a mile up the road, and are primarily black and white. No grays about it. She also lacks a collar, and what ghost in good standing would wear a collar anyway? Now I would not define myself as being a “cat person”, but I’ll admit she intrigued me. So I left out a bowl of milk. One bowl leads to another and before I know it, I’ve been feeding Gray Ghost on a daily basis for the past couple of days now, and making sure that she gets lots of petting and attention when she does make a porch appearance. Not only that, but I will admit to being a bit thrilled that she will now follow me from the porch to the Milkhouse Studio, and actually hang out there while I’m working:
Gray Ghost watching

But her Milkhouse Studio time comes with a price, there must be milk (okay, that’s fine, this is a milkhouse after all) and there must be plenty of  petting and attention during the work period. Should these needs not be met, I end up facing heavy artistic criticism. And this is coming from a mystery cat with opposable thumbs, so I wouldn’t put it past her to pick up a pencil and mark up my drawing out of sheer retaliation for lack of attention:

Gray Ghost critique

So we’ll see how all this pans out. I have to allow Gray Ghost her freedom of spirit if that is what she wants, while giving her the food and attention she seems to need. We hope to get both Bowzer and Gray Ghost comfortable and familiar with each other, and while Bowzer seems eager and excited to further his acquaintance with Ghost, she is still quite a bit wary of this big, goofy dog. (Bowzer, if you’re reading this, I meant goofy in a good way.) For now though, it’s little baby steps…I still don’t know if she actually belongs to someone out there who might very well be missing her. If by chance someone does come to claim her, then I will say good-bye to my little Ghost. But for now I’m really enjoying her visits and attention so we’ll just go from there, one meal at a time.


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