Hello my creepy love

A few weeks ago, I happened to find myself in a small shop that sold 18th century colonial goods. Maybe it was the autumn season or the approach of Halloween, but that small shop had a deliciously haunted aspect to it. And if one may recall, it is there that I fell in love with Primitive Guy who beckoned to me from a top shelf in a far corner. I wanted him. He wanted me. The connection between us was immediate. But I did not want to act impulsively. Maybe I wanted to play a little hard to get, or let our relationship build slowly before moving to the next level. So I left the shop without him.

A little time went by and sure enough, distance made the heart grow fonder. I dreamed of him. I thought of where he might be placed should he move in to my house. I made a charcoal drawing of him. I wrote his name over and over in my note books, scratched it into the trunk of a tree. (No I didn’t, but I bet you thought I did.) Then just yesterday, I found myself back in that little town with the small shop and I was determined to make him mine. I walked into the door of the shop just before closing, and my eyes met his steady button-eyed gaze, and I knew we were meant for each other. I would like to say that we rushed into the arms of one another, but being that he is an inanimate object, that cliché just didn’t work out very well. So instead, let’s go with; my arms rushed to greet his soft, squishy, oblong-shaped head. And our relationship was thus forged:

Primitive Guy standing

He is now home with me, standing comfortably atop the dresser in the bedroom. I like to peek in on him as I pass by. And come evening, I am lulled to sleep by his midnight wanderings up and down the hallways and stairs, freely roaming the house into the deep, dark hours of the night:

Primitive Guy Stair Walking

Oh the life we shall build together, Primitive Guy and I. But Pete said that Primitive Guy is just a big, giant pin cushion. And I was shocked by this revelation. Maybe he is. But I don’t care. He means more to me than that. But now that I think about it, he would be the darn, coolest pin cushion I’ve ever had.


5 thoughts on “Hello my creepy love

  1. This picture is fantastic. To me, P.G. looks like he has a bird perched on his head. I look at these pictures and think, “quoth the raven, nevermore.” Would Mr. Poe have liked P.G.? I think so.

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