Big White Splash

Not too long ago, The Barn Painters hit us and hit us hard. They threw red on our barn, they threw a metallic white on the feed room roof and on the roof of one of the steer pens. They did not stop. They moved up the road and splashed more red on the buildings of the neighboring farms. They are literally painting the town red with a little silver lining on top. Not too far up the road from where I live, there is a house and adjoining barn soon to be put up for sale. I should not have been surprised that the Red Men hit that barn too. But like a little girl seeing a traveling carnival for the first time, I was still amazed and enthralled that they set up shop once again so nearby. Of course I wanted to hide in the corn stalks and watch the progress of this traveling band of painters, but I’m supposed to be an adult and not hide in corn stalks (unless you want to pay me to be an extra in a campy-corny, grade B zombie movie. In that case, I’ll bring the camp and the corn). Meanwhile, the men painted and disappeared within two days leaving behind a red barn with a little extra white on some of the out buildings:

Barn Down The Road

It helped to spruce up the place a bit, but there was something that kept catching my eye each time I drove by. I finally had to stop and take a closer look. The Men Of The Traveling Paint not only covered man-made structures, but also nature as it embraces the man-made. Bravo O Men Of Paint!!

Barn Windows White Vine Row

From the road, I thought perhaps it was some broken-down window screening, but when I got up close I realized I was wrong, wonderfully wrong:

Barn Window White Vines

Don’t tell me that the Painter Guy didn’t know what he was doing. I’m sure he knew very well that he was just going to whitewash over the vines and take delight in doing so. I would do the same given the chance and a power sprayer. This morning, the lead Painter Sales guy came by again and talked to Pete about doing more work. So next up we will have another shiny, silver-painted roof over one of the other steer pens. After hearing that news, all I could imagine was how Bowzer would look if he were painted all silvery-white. Seems I want to tip everything in silvery-white now including the dog. And if Gray Ghost weren’t already silver-tipped, she would be next. Darn Mystery Painter Guys, they are putting too many ideas in my head.

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