Ghost Returns

A few days ago I was given some feedback regarding this blog. It seems there are a few people in New York who wish to have more Gray Ghost and Bowzer B. Dawg updates. I should explain that I need to be judicious in the amount of “pet” posts that I do. I am resisting the urge to turn this into Pet Blog. It’s hard because I’d love to post every cute pet photo that I take. But not everyone is interested in my pets and the stupid, funny things they do. I understand that, so restraint is necessary if I intend to stick to my blog’s original purpose. However, Bowzer being Barn-Dawg-In-Residence, must make his appearances. And Gray Ghost is working hard at being either the newest, rodent-chasing barn cat or the Studio-Cat-With-Handy-Opposable-Thumbs. Barn cat or studio cat, she earns her place in the occasional posting. So bear with me for another exciting installment of Gray Ghost; Random Farm Cat:

Gray Ghost Tongue

I call her random farm cat because I’m not sure if she is really focused on being a barn cat or not. She certainly roams about the farm-yard in the manner of a barn cat. She keeps her own hours, has caught a rodent or two and is not too keen on coming inside the house where people live. But, uncharacteristic of the barn cats I know, she does love to be petted and consistently arrives on the side porch for her morning and evening meals provided for her in a designated bowl. She will also sit on the picnic table and stare in through the kitchen window at us with her bewitching eyes. She will also sit right smack in front of the porch door so that she will be the first to know when I happen to step out (Ironically, that is also a well-known Bowzer trait).

She did disappear for two days recently which caused me a little concern. But she is back on-site and resuming her residency here. I have to keep in mind that she is not mine. She is her own free spirit, so at the very least she is “part-time mine”. But wouldn’t a delicate, rhinestone collar look lovely on her? Oh but she would hate it. And I would worry that it would snag on something in her wandering wanders. But we did have to cross a line and take action when we noticed that she was limping. Somehow she cut one of her paw pads. Pete has some sort of antibiotic spray-on formula so he managed to hold her in his arms while I sprayed this blue stuff on her cut. Amazingly, she took it well and she looked pretty cozy in Pete’s arms. She spent the whole day on the porch hopefully resting her paw pad and keeping one of our pumpkins company:

Gray Ghost and the pumpkin

I am also pleased to report that Gray Ghost is furring nicely. That is to say, she is gaining some weight and her fur seems thicker and softer. She’s going to need it as the weather gets colder!


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