Digging; it’s a spectator sport

The corn had been combined, and it was time for Pete to hitch up the chisel plow and dig the fields in preparation for spring planting. This event coincided with a visit from my family who came in from NY and KY. Some unusually warm weather and a little down time turned the digging into a spectator event. Who would’ve known that digging could be so much fun to watch. But I guess if you throw in some heavy machinery, a field that stretches to the horizon (or to the neighbor’s field) and one is either retired or has the time off, it can be very fun to watch someone else doing the heavy work. And for me, it’s fun watching the watchers watch the work wrought. Wight. Observe the observers:


And when the action really kicks in, the watchers must stand to catch every gripping moment. This is serious stuff. I mean look at those faces: tense, concentrated, focused. It’s just as hard on them as it is on the farmer:


You just don’t know if the farmer is really making much progress. Sometimes it’s hard to see as distance can distort your perspective. And what if he throws a disk, has a breakdown, or stops for lunch? It’s pretty nerve-wracking to be on the sidelines watching the tractor go back and forth, back and forth hoping the sun still shines and the rain holds off till the work is done:


But as of Saturday, the fields are now all dug. My brother managed to walk away with a souvenir disk from the chisel plow, and that made him one very happy camper. I hear that he is going to make it into a fire pit. The old disk will get a new life:


Some one was not as impressed with the Big Dig as much as we were, and that some one slept through the whole event:

Gray Ghost Sleeps

And that’s how THAT’S done.


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