The Glass Portal

We weren’t looking for it, but there it was…this door with gem-colored glass, perfect for the secret entryway that leads to the upstairs guest suite still under construction:

Window Glass Door

We were told that the glass panes are called “refrigerator glass” because of its rippled texture. Its other compelling feature is its doorbell. On the outside face of the door is a little turnkey that will ring the bell installed on the inside of the door. No electrical wiring required, just turn and ring. Of course first you have to find the secret entryway, and maybe I’ll even require a secret password.

Door Bell

Maybe you can see where I’m going with this. Speakeasy. This girl wants a speakeasy. But maybe this isn’t the door for it. Not with the clear glass pane in the middle. So I’ll just have to be satisfied with it being just the portal to the hidden entryway. Good enough. In fact, quite good enough. The door seems to be made for this house. Its dimensions fit right, the decorative molding seems to go right along with the interior moldings and I see no reason to strip and repaint it. It even goes well with farmer-guy:

Antique Door

Until we get that upstairs guest suite done though, the glass portal remains under wraps. And that could be a long while. But when it does get done, we’re going to have a Door Party, password required!!

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