A Silver Gleam

Remember those mysterious barn painter guys with their touches of silver? Seems they weren’t quite done with us yet unbeknownst to me. I took Bowzer B. Dawg for a walk to the woods one day, and upon our return back towards the barn (aka; Bowzer’s headquarters), I spied a silver gleam in the distance. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Really? Again?” I asked The Dawg. “Did they wave their magic brush and leave a swath of silver one more time before vanishing for the season?” It appears so, for what had once been a rusted cattle trailer has now been transformed in to a silvery vehicle of transport:

Silver Trailer

I approve. Not only do I approve, but I want to paint the word “airstream” across the side. And then renovate the interior by installing an eclectic yet tasteful bunk bed, kitchen and living room. Throw in some free WiFi and this could be our remote guest quarters. We could even move it from place to place while the guests are still asleep. What a unique perspective. Go to sleep by the barn, wake up in the woods. You’ll never know where you’ll end up when you’re in the Silver Quarters! Of course you could wake up in the back 40, which is fine and all, but it would be an extra long walk back if you want some of Lucille’s bacon and eggs in the morning.

Silver Trailer Front

On the other hand, it could also be my secret, silver outpost. Bowzer and I could hide out there and make prank calls to Pete. But Pete might have a problem with both of those scenarios. He does still use the trailer to move his cattle from place to place thus making it hard to work my magic within the interior. Steers can get messy. But I bet I could still paint “airstream” on the side. Or maybe “steerstream”. That would be more appropriate. I could use some sort of retro font. Yeah, I like that idea. I’ll propose the idea forthwith. Meanwhile, the silver gives me another idea. Bowzer has been black and white for so long, how about if we hose him down with a bit of silver? Bowzer, what do you think? Yes?? Good dog.



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