It’s Snow Time!

Today we have finally been graced with our first accumulative snow fall. And it is beautiful. The first fall of snow always brings back memories and activities from my childhood years in upstate New York, compelling me to spring in to action when more than an inch or two of the white stuff gathers on the ground and bears down on tree branches:

Snow Tree

But I find that I am unprepared for the snow for a number of reasons. 1) I am now in the mood to go ice skating on the pond down the road. But I have no ice skates. 2) I have cross-country skis, lots of fields, and a myriad of trails nearby but no kick wax. 3) It would be cool to drive my sled dogs, but I have no sled dogs. Instead, I have Bowzer B. Dawg. And he likes to sit in cars with the window down rather than pull a sled in open air. 4) Speaking of cars, I don’t quite yet have an emergency kit in case I get stuck somewhere in a giant drift. I have the shovel, the ice-scraper, the brush and a blanket. But don’t I have flares, a reflective triangle, duct tape and granola bars. 5) Snow shoes. I think they would come in handy around here. I have my eye on a pair, but I’m not an impulse shopper. So while the snow falls heavily, I’m still thinking about snowshoes rather than actually getting snowshoes.

Snow Barn

And oh crap, shouldn’t I have a wreath on the Milkhouse?


Why am I thinking about these things too late? I’m usually pretty good about being prepared. But then again, I’m not ready for the apocalypse aside from a few canned vegetables and a basement. However, priorities being what they are, we did prepare a snow shelter for our part-time cat, Gray Ghost. As Ghost is dubious about coming in the house and yet likes to hang out on the porch, we decided she needed a proper porch shelter in which to reside, have her meals and survey her domain:


We happened to find an old, wooden crate (that as I understand it had something to do with poultry) on which Pete graciously nailed some solid plywood boards, painted the thing barn red and tacked on a Kit-Cat Lounge sign because of course Gray Ghost reads these things. Now that we’ve removed the picnic table and benches and replaced them with her new snow lounge, she is a bit beside herself and is having trouble adapting. Please note empty lounge. So far she only goes in there when there is food in the bowl. Otherwise, she huddles outside by the door which is killing me. C’mon Ghost. Either come inside the house or go in your snow lounge, the drinks are on the house!


3 thoughts on “It’s Snow Time!

  1. You know your mom and dad would take exception to your reference about Wappingers Falls bein in upstate NY compared to where they live now…LOL

  2. What a fun read and beautiful pictures, Micka! I love reading your posts because your point of view and writing voice is so fun, curious, artistic and feminine. The shots are lovely. We didn’t get snow here in Chicago, which we need, so it is nice to see yours!

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