The Itchy Silver Trigger Finger

It’s all coming up silver. Let’s face it, I’ve been heavily influenced by the Barn Painters of Summer with their silver touch. I’ve had an itchy, silvery trigger finger ever since. I finally have a venue to put that itch into play. Christmas. Snow or no snow, there will be silver. Santa says so:

Santa Silver

I may not have the quintessential aluminum tree, but a nearby thrift store had a cute, silver tree lit up in a corner of their basement just calling my name. So I said, “Yes?” and “Okay.” Thus it came home with me. The little, silver tree even accessorized with its own white lights and a sparkly, red star on top:

Silver Tree At Night

I don’t recall being so enamored of all things sparkly and shiny when I was a little girl. Therefore I do have a lot of ground to make up here in the “I-like-shiny-stuff” department. So at about the time that we were ready to get us a real tree, I stumbled upon another option. I mean literally, I almost drove over it. While giving my car a spin around the property (oh yes, my car is silver by the way. Imagine that.) I drove by a pile of branches that the Barn Painters had cut down and tossed to the side. My quick-thinking brain added it all up; cast-off branches + a little silver spray paint + old metal bucket + my green and silver ornaments=Christmas tree option number 2. I didn’t give Pete a chance. By the time he came home, the silver twig tree was up and shining:


Silver Tree Branches

So you’d think I’d be done by now, wouldn’t you? But no…just one more thing. One more silver thing:

snow silver tree

Okay, now I’m done. But there is one more can of silver spray paint left. And that silver finger is getting itchy again. And Mayan calendar aside, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner…


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