Cold Shots

Snowy Workshop

Due to an unexpected turn of events, I spent Christmas Day helping Pete out with a few procedures on the farm. I have to admit that it felt good to be outdoors, and doing something a little different from what I am accustomed to doing on a Christmas day. After a very nice noontime meal with the family, the bib overalls and heavy boots were donned. Time for “procedures”, which is Pete’s word for things that need to get done around the farm. I feel like I should be putting on a lab coat rather than overalls when he bandies that word about. Be that as it may, it involved a lot of standing around in frozen manure with one eyeball on the steer and the other taking in some frosty scenery:

Matts Farm

But one eyeball is not enough for steer-watch 2012, not when I’ve got several pairs of them staring back at me. The gate is open and the steer want to roam the snowy tundra. Stay back steers or I will slay you with my steely gaze and panicked cries for help. They behaved, and I only had to flail my arms about and pretend I was bigger than them just a few times. Still, they sure looked like they had an agenda in mind and I was just a bump in the road to freedom:

Steer Check

Then there are the calves, still small and still prone to cuteness. But don’t underestimate them, they are also prone to much mischievous behavior. There was more gate-watching to be done here, and a little rodeo round- up to do, but the most dangerous aspect was turning an ankle on the dips and gullies of frozen cow pies. Oh, and dealing with Number 1 venting some steam:

calf steaming


One thought on “Cold Shots

  1. I just love your stories because they are so funny, clever and descriptive. Because I know you I can see you flailing your arms and panicking and your expressions. I love your blogs, they make me laugh, Bob too.

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