The Frosting on the Cake

Looks like Jack Frost (he is for real, isn’t he?) came along during the night and dusted our trees with a nice layer of frosting. The effect was beautiful, especially at that precise moment when the sun was shining boldly and a flurry of flakes gently lifted off the trees and filled the air:

Frosted Tree Two

Looking up at the powdery snow floating in the sky reminded me of that scene in “Edward Scissorhands” when Winona Ryder’s character looked up at the flakes of ice falling from the sky and did a nice, slow-motion twirl. I did not do a slow-motion twirl, nor was I wearing a taffeta dress. But I can certainly appreciate her wonderment.

Some of the trees bore little bursts of frosty fireworks with a few extra dollops of icing, a dream for the confectioners sugar aficionado. I’ve got a bag of the stuff in the kitchen, and now I want to use it full tilt.

But first I need to put on a taffeta dress, pull on my winter boots and do a slo-mo twirl under the branches. Happy New Year!

Frosted Tree Branches

Frosted Tree Thing

Frosted Tree

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