Shadow Play Chandelier

Seems like everyone is tucked away a bit early tonight. Except for Ghost and I. We’re both up in the garret. Ha! I just mean upstairs but garret sounds so much more interesting to me. But it’s a nice space to be in no matter what I may call it. I find that late afternoon is the best time to catch the sunlight playing fantastic shadow games on the wall with a certain chandelier in the hallway:


I feel a certain kinship with this chandelier as it and I both come from the Hudson Valley region of New York state and ended up in this house in Wisconsin, the chandelier being here long before I arrived on the scene. You can imagine we have a lot to talk about; old houses, spiders crouched in corners, creaking floor boards and gray ghost cats that go bump in the night.


And though it’s missing a few crystals (and I highly doubt they are actual crystals) it knows how to throw a great shadow…up in the garret.


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