The Big Barn Sweep

With a little help from our down-the-road-neighbor, the barn’s hay loft got its first major sweep-out in recent history:

Barn Sweep One

This is the first step towards cleaning up the barn in preparation for our in-the-barn wedding. Of course we don’t want to over-sanitize the place, it is a barn after all. So I’m sure it seemed funny to Pete when I said that after we get the floor all cleaned up, we should throw down some fresh straw the day before the aforementioned event. Sweep the straw up, throw more straw down. Not too contradictory I hope.

Barn Sweep Three

And to prevent any loss of guests on that day, we’ve patched a few holes in the barn floor. As the big-barn-sweep progresses through the upcoming months, I think it will be pretty exciting to see the space open up and breathe once again. With chinks of light slipping in through the walls and pouring in through the clerestory windows, it just feels like a natural place in which to be married if that’s your thing. And fortunately, that seems to be my thing.

Barn Sweep Two

In fact, I may just want to move in there after all is said and done, but I think Pete has other plans for it. Animal plans, horsey plans and…vaudeville stage acts? Yes, I’m marrying a theatrical farmer who belts out a Broadway song at the drop of a spoon. This will be an interesting life : )

15 thoughts on “The Big Barn Sweep

  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and how fun it is to see Bowzer and Grey Ghost on your folks refrigerator!!! They are so proud of you and happy for you. Congrats on your upcoming wedding – the barn in beautiful!!
    Nancy ( I worked with your Dad at Rock & River)

    • I’m glad that you’re enjoying the posts, and glad that Bowzer and Gray Ghost made it to the big time (refrigerator posting at last!!) By the way, I think I still have a Rock & River coffee mug somewhere.

  2. Mika, are you and Peter going to get married? That is just wonderful. Wishing my very best to you both. So glad to see the barn come alive again. It holds so many, many memories for me. Love you two. Billiegeen

    • Billiegeen!! It’s wonderful to hear from you! I do think of you and your family often. I hope to see you again in this new year, you should always feel welcome to visit again. Love you as well!

  3. Instead of singing Oklahoma, does Pete sing:
    Oh Wisconsin, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain?
    Does he call you “Honey Lamb”? I could say that you’re a Honey Lamb sort of girl.
    Sounds like a very nice life to me!

  4. Micka…Bob and I were very lucky to attend the weddings of your brothers. One being in a “Shaker Village” and the other on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean….both very unique, beautiful, and memorable. I personally can’t wait to see your “Barn Wedding in Wisconsin”… Klauck children know how to throw a bash that will be filled with memories and wonderful times with family and friends!!! But I do have a question…..we are experiencing below zero wind chills in Wisconsin…..why are you sweeping the barn in this weather!!! I would love to come and help in the spring!!! Aunt Deb

  5. Micka I told my kids about your up-coming wedding being held in the barn and the all said in unison, “cool”. We all wish you the very best in your new adventure of wedded bliss!
    Would love to visit you and Pete again this year.

    • Thanks Billiegeen! I hope that you can come visit again perhaps when the weather gets warmer. Lucille and I talked about coming to visit you too! Thanks for your good wishes and we’ll see you at some point in the near future!

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