Fluff ‘n Stuff

We’re currently under a winter advisory, but as yet, it’s not so bad. I hope it stays not so bad because I really don’t care for a scary commute the morning after. However, we did get a nice slew of giant, fluffy flakes this afternoon. It didn’t really last long but I was able to get outside and enjoy it. Naturally, I gravitated towards the stalworthy laundry line. Season to season it remains the same. Always ready and in position to take on some job. Seeing how it blends in with the landscape now, I must admit I’ve secretly wondered how a fresh coat of fuchsia paint on its posts might look for that unexpected splash of color. Or maybe I should leave it alone in its monochromatic state. I don’t know yet, let me think about it:

White Laundry

So while thinking about that, a shape loomed in front of me through the thickening flakes and…

Corn Crib Doors

Behold! New doors on the corn crib!! That’s exactly what came in to my head when I saw them…”Behold”. Really? (I asked myself) Should new doors on a corn crib be that dramatic in my head? I know Pete had told me that the new doors had been installed. But I hadn’t gone to see them, and I actually forgot about it at the time of my snowy walk-about. So when they loomed up in front of me through the veil of snow, well, it near knocked me down. It’s like the corn crib got a new accessory. It goes to show that just the right piece of accessory can change an entire look.

Or maybe it’s just the thick snowflakes playing with my head. Because even the most mundane was looking rather interesting:

The Chute 3


So the funny snow that plays with my head is gone for now…I’m hoping for more to come later. Perhaps next weekend? Can we reschedule snow? Or get on a sign-up sheet? I’m not asking for mountains of the stuff, just enough, enough fluff ‘n stuff to lighten the landscape.

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