A Late Winter Thaw

I stood outside on the porch today…without a jacket…without gloves. And my fingers didn’t blacken and fall off. That’s the kind of day it was. Sunny and above freezing. What amazes me is that it actually felt warm out. This is called acclimatization. Or stupidization if you were me standing around outside without a jacket in 30 degree weather. Either way, it felt like a relief not to be struck cold just by looking out a frosty window. It almost felt like spring! I could hear the melting snow dripping off the eaves, and the birds had a more hearty twitter to their song. Dang, I was expecting to see Snow White pop out in her little blue and yellow ensemble and toss me a bouquet. Bring it girl.

Winter Melt

Speaking of snow and white, let’s pop in to the Milkhouse Studio and see what’s cooking there:

Winter Milkhouse

Oh no!! Snow, and it’s white! Looks like this is a warm weather studio after all. Honestly, I knew that going in and I moved my “stuff’ into the winter quarters (that would be “the basement” to you and I) back in Autumn until the glacier moves back north where it belongs. But it is a little odd to walk in there now and see how the elements took hold behind my back. What you can’t see is that there is a layer of ice coating the floor as well as the snow-creep. How nice it will be to push open that door to the warm winds once again. It will happen. I guarantee you that. But I’m sure winter isn’t through with us yet.

frost weed

And just to prove it, I bought my first ever pair of insulated Carhartt bib overalls the other day. Take that Snow White!


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