I found a rock

I finally allowed myself to take a walk today with no ulterior motive in mind. I did not walk to go get milk. Nor did I walk to drop off dry cleaning. But I did walk just for the fun of it. And I’m a little shocked that I haven’t done that in a while. What is happening to me? When did to-do lists take over my life? So after parking my little matchbox car in the garage after running a few errands, I thought, “what the H” and pulled on my boots and left the marinara sauce to make itself. All I wanted to do was just walk across the field and down to the little stream that borders the property. For No Reason. When did this become rocket science for me? Missing Pane

I really have to shake myself awake sometimes and remember to just go outside without any particular goal in mind. Just go. Don’t let me forget that. After I crossed the field and came to the woods by the stream, I found a rock. No, not a little rock that one would throw across the stream, but rather a big, not-going-anywhere-soon rock. I always knew it was there. I’ve seen it before but I never paid it much attention till today. So I climbed on top of it and decided it was a nice sitting rock. I think I will keep this rock as my secret place to sit. It has a decent view and is easily accessible. I believe it is also dog-friendly, so I think Bowzer and I will be taking some walks down there come warmer weather.

Rock View

Although I hear that more snow is on the way, so maybe my next visit will be on skis. I wonder if I can get Bowzer to pull me, it wouldn’t kill him to learn some skijoring. Go Dog Go.

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