In Like a Lion

March Fog Branches

March always gives me great hope that spring is just around the corner. It won’t be long now till we get a hint of warmer weather and less threatening snow storms. But being unruly, March won’t give us our spring without a fight. There’s still the threat of another storm system moving in, appropriately timed for the Monday morning commute. But as a precursor, let’s just call in the fog machine. And turn it on high. That’s what March did for us today. It gave us fog and lots of it for most of the day. I have to admit though, it was pretty cool. Fog makes everything a little surreal. (Just ask Stephen King, darn that Mist) Come to think of it, I did go to the grocery store in the fog. You would think that after having seen “The Mist” I should know better than to do that. Fortunately I got out alive and didn’t run into any tentacled creatures on the way home, but did see some beautiful forms take shape in the white landscape:

March Fog and Trees

Why, even my beloved laundry line took part in a little Fog Drama.

March Fog and Trees

Good for Laundry Line to take part in The March. Really though, I’m ready for the weather drama to die down a bit, and for the lion to turn to a lamb. Any day now. I’m waiting.


2 thoughts on “In Like a Lion

  1. Hi, Micka, thank you for your reflections and the very expressive photos! Spring may be coming soon! Let’s all hope! Jane

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