The Shadow Returns…

March Chandelier Shadow

When I can see this shadow etched on the upstairs hall after I come home from work, I know the days are getting longer. This is my home version of Stonehenge. It may not be as accurate or as mysterious as the original, but I know that when I see it, it can only mean that the sun is dangling above the horizon just a bit longer each day. And that is a welcome relief. Warmer days are coming. And even though my car showed an outdoor temperature of 12 degrees this morning and then fell to 8 degrees within the half hour it took to get to work, I remain optimistic that the sun will warm our cold ground, the snow will melt and I might take off my stupid bubble jacket. And bubble vest. And giant space boots. You get the picture, I want Spring weather, and only the shadow knows.


5 thoughts on “The Shadow Returns…

  1. Micka, i look forward to yourp next muse, with great anticipation!

    Ilene and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

    June is fast approaching….time to assign chores to friends.

    Hi to Pete. Talk soon, we should.


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