There’s a chicken on the roof

Inside Spring Milkhouse

Apparently we’re having a little Spring delay here in Wisconsin. It’s mid-April and I’m still seeing snowflakes and wearing my dumb bubble jacket. I thought that jacket would be looking at the inside of a closet by now but instead it’s still reporting for winter apparel duty. I’m tired of it. And it’s probably sick of me. We did have one almost Spring-like day last Saturday. I took advantage of it by dragging fallen limbs to my newly-established stick pile by the driveway. I even got Stage 1 of my herb garden expansion plans completed. And….opened the outer door to the Milkhouse Studio for the first time since Autumn.

Spring Time Milkhouse

This was no easy feat as there was still a chunk of ice impeding the smooth sliding action of the door. So I did what any other polite farm lady would do; I took a hefty metal farm tool and started wacking away at the ice accompanied with a few choice words, none being Please or Thank You. But I was able to get the door somewhat opened and I stepped inside to survey the melting ice. Yep, things are loosening up in there. No more ice-fishing in the milkhouse this season.

It looks like Accuweather is telling me that we’re in for more gloomy, cloudy, rainy, cold weather through April 30th. So any time that the sun manages to get a grip on things here, I better run outside naked while I can. Oh wait, did I say that? I meant without Bubble Jacket. Sheesh, gotta keep things PG around here. But if this gloomy weather hangs on for longer than 2 weeks, I may very well be running around crazy-naked-screaming anyway. No I won’t. I don’t like being cold. Still PG.

Oh, during one of our brief spells of sun, I got a cryptic call at work from Pete. “There’s a chicken on the roof”. That is all he would say. I thought, “how do I decipher this?” Did one of his cousin’s wife’s chickens finally fly the coop, cross the road and end up on our roof? Is it dead? Is it alive? Or is there a more subtler meaning to the phrase, you know, like one of those trick spy phrases known only to those who have been briefed. I wasn’t briefed so I had to get through a whole day of work before coming home to find that there is a chicken on the roof:

Chicken On The Roof

Except that it is a rooster if you want to get technical about it. And it’s certainly not alive. And it’s on the roof of the garage. So naturally I got the Pete-lecture about how only the highest building on a farmstead gets a weather vane. And as the barn is the highest building here and already has its weather vane, this one plays second fiddle to the “real” one. So take that weather vane. But at least you’re up there pointing away, so please, please point us to some sun.

5 thoughts on “There’s a chicken on the roof

  1. Funny story! I was anticipating chickens and goats on the roof. We had several summer days in SF for Spring.

  2. Isn’t there a grim, or silly but sweet, Japanese fairy tale about a goat and a chicken on the roof?
    Hang in there, spring is almost here. A few turkey chortling in the prairie grass told me.
    I live on a farm also none the less your reports and images beautiful all, bring great delight!

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