Not Exactly a Mouser

I didn’t let her in to our house with the intent that she would catch mice. But when Gray Ghost the stray cat came in from the cold, I couldn’t help but see the possibilities. Mouse-Catcher Extraordinaire. She has the claws and the gumption. We have the shelter and a prime mouse location. It seemed like a win-win situation all around. And indeed, she did catch a mouse in the house shortly after she moved in. (And in fact munched on her late night snack while we tried to sleep. That’s kind of gross, but let’s face it, there’s lots of gross around here. I’ll have to do a manure post some time to prove it.) Anyway, it appears that Ghost felt she fulfilled her duties after catching that one mouse. Because now, she does a lot of this:


Which is okay, and looks downright relaxing. But Ghost, there’s a mouse on the loose! Case in point; I opened the drawer in my sewing alcove to reach for a brand new spool of thread…only to discover that the bulk of it was one knotty-looking ball of a mess. What!? How did that happen? So I opened another drawer, and found more knotty-looking balls of a mess. Mice. Mousies. Mommy-Mousies feathering their nest with MY thread. And where was the cat during all this mousiness?


Oh yeah, I know. Resting. On Bowzer’s bed. Cat, I’m going to have to lay down the law here. You’ve got a one-mouse-a-month contract. So you better put on your fierce face and bare your one fang. (She has one fang, did I tell you that already? It’s quite cute actually.) So don’t look at me like that…I know you can do it. And I know you can read this. I know you go on my computer at night because you have opposable thumbs and tap away cruising through all your WebCat sites. No wonder you’re so tired during the day. Oh, and one other thing…get off the kitchen counter!! (post script: love you cat, just as you are)


2 thoughts on “Not Exactly a Mouser

  1. Micka…I love it and I used to have the same problem with my cat Jr. I think that once they have the luxury of being fed twice a day they feel as though they are “entitled” to it. At any rate…get out the mouse traps, is all I can say. LL

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