Action Figure Pete

It has begun…

ActionFigurePete1If you look way past the beloved laundry line, you can see a little tractor in the distance, making its way to and fro as it finally digs the ground up in preparation for planting. All this with the belief that the weather has turned the corner on to Spring Lane. I’m not convinced. Winter Way doesn’t seem so long ago!

Action Figure Pete 2There he goes, heading due south. Go Pete Go. Turn that land. Before it rains again. Or snows.

Action Figure Pete 3Oooooh, now he is heading north, just churning up that land. Tear it up boy. Hurry. I see dark clouds to the west.

Action Figure Pete 4Wait, what?? What are you doing? You didn’t finish yet. Go back. What?

Action Figure Pete 5Seriously…you can’t really be done for the day. Get back in that tractor with that thermos of yours.

Action Figure Pete 6Crap. He appears to be done for the day, and that only means that I must retreat inside and start dinner. And I was having so much fun watching him do the dirty work. (But hey man, I did plant my herb garden while he was hot-dogging it on a north-south axis.)

Action Figure Pete_doneSo I guess that’s it for Action Figure Pete today. Oh but he did get some lawn mowing in just before a thunderstorm threatened the perimeter. So that goes to show you that Action Figure Pete rarely rests during the Spring season.


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