Big Barn Sweep Part II

CatherineI’ve now been here in Wisconsin on this farm for a year and a month. It really couldn’t be better. I have a dog. A cat. A soon-to-be husband-farmer-guy. And a very wonderful family into which I am (gasp) marrying. Yes, it’s happening, and now I sometimes feel short of breath. But in a good way. Today my very-soon-to-be-in-laws came over to help with the barn sweep. They did more than I expected. It’s a beautiful barn to begin with, but with their pluck and determination, and a good dose of humor…man that barn got a make-over!

MarkSweepAnd no those are not orbs…just a lot of dust kicking it up. There is probably dirt about 100 years old in there and that’s what we were scraping up and tossing out. Mark there leaning on his scraper did a lot of that scrapey stuff. I followed his lead and grabbed the scraper when I could. And if I couldn’t grab the scraper, then I’d grab the broom or the shovel. Anna pitched in too after already spending an afternoon of planting up the road. Okay Anna, how much more can we wring out of you today? (She proclaimed herself Queen of Bovines so I think we’re even. But no Anna, we’re not done with you yet…bwaaahaaahaaa) Gaze upon your subjects while you can;


The Big Barn Sweep Part II involved breaking down my moving boxes for recycling, and unearthing my beloved mummy friends from their temporary barn sleep. I don’t know how many of you are aware of my installation mummies, but they travel with me and have at times represented at the occasional group show. But they’ve been sleeping in the barn this past year and now they get to break out of the box;

BarnMummiesThey sort of remind me of Pop Tarts…boing, out they popped!

Barn Sweep TwoSo things are progressing, and it won’t be long till we can celebrate in the barn…and honor its long-standing heritage. I’m thrilled too that one of the original owners of this farm will also be coming to the wedding. I hope she likes what she sees.


One thought on “Big Barn Sweep Part II

  1. Dear Micka, I am very happy for you upon the occasion of your upcoming wedding, and because you are marrying into a welcoming and good family! All the best to you and Pete! Jane

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