Growing Pains

bottle flowerSpring is mocking us. One day it is sunny and 80 degrees. The next day is shivery, windy, hands-in-pockets cold. Spring is having growing pains getting into Summer. And the planting season is having growing pains of its own. In other words, like many farmers, Pete hasn’t yet started planting. So there’s not a whole lot of growing happening. Now we’re in uncharted territory. it’s gotten quite late for planting and if things continue this way, Pete says that the cat will have to join the circus and we’ll have to live in the basement. But hold on Mr. Pete, I’ve got a steady job…so you can live in the basement. The cat and I will stay put upstairs. But I’ll be sure to send your meals down. And maybe a clown. Besides, all is not lost. One bumper crop we can always rely on are the dandelions:

Dandelion FieldWe’ve got plenty of them. And if we were smart, we would’ve already picked them and made dandelion wine. I’ve never tried that before, but since it’s one crop that seems to run rampant without any effort on my part, perhaps that’s something I should look into for next year! And can’t you put them in salads or something? Or make Dandelion Quiche? Okay, that one I made up…but I bet someone has done it. I’ll do a Google search, later. Right now though, I better get things ready in the basement for Pete’s residency. (aww, just kidding Pete)

3 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Tell Pete I am done with school on Friday at noon…I could come with my shovel and start planting if he needs me!

    • I’d rather you help him corral steers! I did that this morning and they were an ornery bunch. I’m pretty sure one of them gave him a head butt to the butt. And the others just tried to stare me down. I tried not to quiver.

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